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9-foot Sea Containers.

$6600 + GST

Compact and durable, our 9-foot sea containers offer a versatile storage solution for both personal and business needs.

Constructed with corrosion-resistant steel, they ensure protection against harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for secure storage or transportation of goods.

Easily transportable and stackable, these containers maximise space while offering a cost-effective solution for short-term or permanent needs.

Whether you’re looking to store equipment, transport goods, or create a unique space, our 9-foot containers provide the reliability and flexibility you need.

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Second Hand 40 ft High Cube Sea Containers.

Available in two locations:
Fremantle: Priced at $4,250 + GST.
Miling: Priced at $5,500 + GST.

Secure and spacious, these 40-foot high cube sea containers offer a cost-effective solution for your storage and transport needs.

Previously used for cargo, they are built to endure the rigors of shipping, ensuring the safekeeping of your items.

Whether you’re in Fremantle or Miling, seize this opportunity to own a durable storage solution at a competitive price.

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